BTA is North America’s premier authority on issues affecting the U.S. northern and southern borders, representing a large grassroots network of over 4.2 million public and private sector representatives, including business leaders, chambers of commerce and industry, academic institutions, economic development corporations, industrial parks, transport companies, customs brokers, defense companies, manufacturers and state and local government agencies.

Join the BTA: Become a voice on the border

The value of joining the BTA:

Choosing Your Sponsorship Package 

Companies, organizations and communities that want increased visibility and access within the BTA can choose from various participation levels. When you join the BTA, you join a network of industry leaders that includes Delphi Corporation, Duty Free Americas, A.O. Smith, RegalBeloit and many other private and public sector supporters. We offer several different levels of support to fit your needs. To find out more about what sponsorship level is right for your organization contact us at our main office.

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