The BTA committees are the source of our grassroots advocacy. The committees of the Border Trade Alliance tackle the issues facing the Canadian border and Mexican border trade communities. Our committees are comprised of BTA board members and experts in their respective fields.

Security and Trade Committee

Chairman: Jim Smith, AO Smith, Ashland City, Tennessee
The Trade and Security Committee is responsible for guiding the Border Trade Alliance’s positions on border security and trade and travel facilitation. This committee’s work is guided by the belief that increased security along North American borders and at the ports of entry can, if properly implemented, result in improved facilitation of legitimate cross-border trade and travel. The Trade and Security Committee’s policy recommendations pay special attention to the policies of the Department of Homeland Security and its US Customs and Border Protection component, which has the lion’s share of responsibility for border security in the United States.

Agribusiness Subcommittee

Chairman: Dante Galeazzi, Texas International Produce Association, Mission, Texas
The Agribusiness Subcommittee of the Security and Trade Committee guides the BTA’s work on issues pertaining to cross-border trade of fresh produce and livestock.

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Chairman: Danny Rios, S&B Infrastructure, McAllen, Texas
The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is responsible for developing the BTA’s positions on issues regarding mobility, trade-facilitating infrastructure, environmental infrastructure such as wastewater treatment and water delivery systems, cross-border energy transmissions and telecommunications, and cross-border trucking and rail policy. The Committee also assesses policies affecting the presidential permitting process and promotes efforts to increase private sector and local community participation in the development of border infrastructure.
The Committee supports policies and funding levels that improve transportation efficiency and that are aimed at developing infrastructure that is reflective of today’s cross-border trade volumes.

Seaports Subcommittee

Chairman: Eduardo A. Campirano, Port of Brownsville, Brownsville, Texas
The Seaports Subcommittee of the Transportation Committee is responsible for developing the BTA’s positions on issues affecting seaports and ocean freight.

Public Policy Committee

Chairman: David Panko, City of El Paso, El Paso, Texas
The Public Policy Committee serves as the policy advocacy arm of the Border Trade Alliance. The committee is responsible for shaping the advocacy strategy used to present to policymakers the committee positions approved by the BTA’s board of directors. The committee helps guide the BTA’s external communications by shaping the organization’s position papers, congressional testimony and overall presence on Capitol Hill.