Supporting inspection policies and procedures that promote economic growth and security 

  • Oppose duplicative state-level inspections that harm competitiveness, delay shipments 
  • Ensuring ports of entry are properly resourced to process trade and travel without interruption 
  • Ensuring all work performed in FTZs qualifies for USMCA 
  • Congressional participation in and oversight of tariff policy, including Sec. 232 tariffs and Sec. 301 

Innovative trade processing solutions 

  • 21st Century Customs Framework 
  • Unified Cargo Processing 
  • Technological pre-inspection 
  • Trade-friendly public-private partnerships 

Promoting Cross-Border Travel 

  • Strengthening trusted traveler programs
  • Supporting policies that encourage tourism
  • Reforming visa policy 

Ensuring strong diplomatic ties 

  • Continued strong diplomatic ties between the U.S. and its border neighbors

Maintaining tariff- and duty-free cross-border agricultural trade 

  • Maintenance and timely renewal of the Tomato Suspension Agreement 

Properly resourced ports of entry 

  • Work with administration and congressional appropriators to ensure federal personnel levels at ports of entry are commensurate with trade volumes 
  • Support robust canine inspection capabilities 

Cross-border cooperation and harmonization 

  • Resist growth of technical barriers to trade
  • Advocate for reasonable packaging regulations

Technology, policies and procedures that facilitate trade, reduce delays 

  • Seek funding for additional NII (Non-Intrusive Inspection) equipment at the major perishable commodities-crossing land ports  
  • Increasing refrigerated inspection capacity

Supporting a long-term, pro-trade transportation plan  

  • Implementation of Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act 

Improving border infrastructure 

  • Allow CBP to make repairs at GSA-owned ports of entry
  • Extending and improving the Donation Acceptance Program
  • Updating GSA and CBP design standards 
  • Upgrading border region environmental infrastructure and technology

Enhancing technological infrastructure 

  • Dramatically increasing broadband access at ports of entry
  • Shift to a command center model 
  • Deploy leading-edge non-intrusive inspection equipment that can lead to 100 percent inspections

A regulatory environment to encourage trade throughput and enhance border infrastructure 

  • Improving the permitting process  
  • Promoting of a multi-modal freight strategy   

Increasing freight capacity at seaports

Ensuring commercial operational support at seaports for CBP cargo clearance 

Relieving backlogs at seaports

Preventing supply chain disruptions

  • Reliable governance, a robust legislative process

Minimizing disruptions to trade and travel 

  • Anticipating surges in asylum-seeking migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border  

Policy that promotes free trade in North America