BTA 2022 Policy Agenda

Download the 2022 Border Trade Alliance Policy Agenda

The members of the Border Trade Alliance for more than two years have navigated a cross-border trade and travel environment defined by disruption and uncertainty. Yet, in the face of closures, restrictions, and mandates, we remain resilient and better prepared for a 2022 that will deliver its own set of unique challenges.

The BTA in 2022 continues to advocate before the Department of Homeland Security and Congress for a response to the pandemic that responsibly controls the virus’ spread without interruption to commercial truck and rail, private vehicle, or pedestrian border crossings. Too many local economies and border businesses have been harmed by severe restrictions at the land border ports of entry –sometimes irreparably – for such restrictions to return.

We are also working with members of both parties to advance legislation that modernizes customs operations and processes while maintaining a wise balance between enforcement and facilitation. This year offers a genuine opportunity for lawmakers and Customs and Border Protection to come together on policy that achieves the goals of the 21st Century Customs Framework. An updated approach to customs practices is essential to a more streamlined supply chain and the health of the overall U.S. economy.

We continue to advocate for implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement that adheres both to the letter and the spirit of the accord, which means ensuring that certain commodities don’t become the targets of one country or special interest group trying to tilt the rules of trade in its favor. North America wins with free trade, and we don’t want to lose the economic momentum the region has gained under USMCA.

The BTA remains the most consistent advocate for the funding necessary to keep our ports of entry processing trade and travel safely and efficiently, and we look forward to ensuring that the resources made possible by the implementation of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act reach the northern and southern borders.

Of course, there are many more issues we are working on – from customs to transportation, infrastructure to agriculture, you can count on the BTA in 2022, as always, to be the voice for free and efficient trade in North America. If your company or community isn’t already a member, we encourage and welcome you to join our mission.

Sergio Contreras

Britton Mullen