BTA 2024 Policy Agenda

Download the 2024 Border Trade Alliance Policy Agenda

Since our organization’s founding nearly 40 years ago, the Border Trade Alliance has been the trade community’s voice at the United States–Mexico and U.S.–Canada borders, promoting public policy that enhances these unique regions’ economic competitiveness and  quality of life. That essential work continues in 2024.

This year presents some familiar challenges and some new ones. We remain the most steadfast advocate for border inspection agencies  that are properly resourced to keep pace with growing trade and  travel volumes, and for modern infrastructure and technology to  reduce delays and congestion at our ports of entry.

But in addition to our work in Congress and within the administration, we now must devote more attention to state  capitols, where we unfortunately have recent examples of how  poorly conceived state-level policies can disrupt trade and harm  cross-border cooperation.

The BTA in 2024 is also preparing for the six-year review of the  United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement. As we have since our inception, we’ll be guided by a commitment to preserving free trade in North America.

There will be no shortage of issues affecting cross-border trade to confront in 2024, but we can’t do it alone. Our advocacy is made stronger by your involvement. If your company or community is not yet a member of the BTA, we invite you to join our mission to make our borders better places to live, work, and invest.

Lance Jungmeyer

Britton Mullen