WASHINGTON – The Border Trade Alliance is cheering the inclusion of language in the National Defense Authorization Act that will streamline the process that determines whether a presidential permit will be issued for international bridge projects.

The language by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, received bipartisan support on Capitol Hill and was supported strongly by the BTA.

The Cruz provision ensures that the State Department within 60 days will make a recommendation to the president whether to issue a presidential permit for four international bridge projects at the Texas-Mexico border. The White House will have 60 days to decide whether to grant or deny the permits.

“We applaud Sen. Cruz for his bipartisan efforts to clarify and streamline the process around the issuance of presidential permits for these projects that are directly tied to the economic competitiveness of the border region and the entire country,” BTA President Ms. Britton Mullen said. “Decisions on presidential permits should first center on whether a project is in the foreign policy interest of the United States; environmental reviews can follow. We look forward to both chambers passing the final bill and sending it to the president for his signature.”

Since 1986, the BTA has served as a grassroots, non-profit organization that provides a forum for discussion and advocacy on issues pertaining to border development and quality of life and trade in the Americas. A network of public and private sector representatives from the United States, Mexico and Canada, BTA’s core values include a commitment to improving the quality of life of border communities through trade and commerce. The BTA is online at thebta.org and @borderalliance.

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