WASHINGTON (June 7, 2019)—The Border Trade Alliance released the following statements after the announcement that planned tariffs against Mexico have been suspended indefinitely:

BTA President Ms. Britton Clarke:

“The cross-border trade community is pleased with this outcome. We know that the tariffs would have harmed our economy and would not have had their intended effect of stemming the tide of Central American asylum-seekers at the U.S. southern border. We would encourage the administration now to redouble its efforts to work with leaders on Capitol Hill to ensure the passage of the USMCA and continue to cooperate with our neighbor Mexico in confronting the challenges at our shared border.”

BTA Chair Paola Avila:

“While the trade community is satisfied with the result, this was an unfortunate moment in the U.S.-Mexico relationship. We are hopeful that we can avoid future threats of self-inflicted economic damage and instead return to a concerted effort to work together to pass the USMCA and pursue immigration policies that benefit both countries.”

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