WASHINGTON (April 10, 2022) – Border Trade Alliance President Ms. Britton Mullen released the following statement regarding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order to conduct “enhanced safety inspections” of commercial vehicles at the state’s border with Texas:

“The Border Trade Alliance believes strongly that cross-border trade and travel efficiency should be balanced with security.

“We oppose any state-level action that results in an inspection process that duplicates the inspections already performed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, whose work at the land border ports of entry is informed by highly attuned risk assessment models, intelligence gathering, and a commitment to the agency’s dual mission of enforcement and facilitation.

“While border states like Texas have an important role to play in ensuring truck safety and code compliance, the state should be working in collaboration with CBP, not engaging in a new inspection scheme that will slow the movement of freight, which will only exacerbate the country’s supply chain crisis and put even more upward pressure on consumer prices.

“The BTA urges the Governor’s Office and the Department of Homeland Security to work cooperatively to meet the country’s security and economic needs.”


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