WASHINGTON – Border Trade Alliance Chairman Lance Jungmeyer and BTA President Ms. Britton Mullen released the following statement regarding today’s visit to the border by President Biden and former President Trump:

BTA President Britton Mullen:

“We are pleased that the president and former president took the time today to visit the border, which for the cross-border trade community is a place of tremendous economic dynamism and opportunity.

“For the private sector businesses who call the border region home, a well-managed, well-resourced border is essential to our livelihoods. We are hopeful that today’s visits gave a sense of the interconnectedness of the communities on both sides of the Rio Grande.

“But we also bear the burden each day of the dysfunction at the border. Since 2020, we’ve been forced to navigate disruptions like port of entry closures and prohibitions on travel that have harmed our bottom lines and eroded the quality of life in our communities.”

BTA Chairman Lance Jungmeyer:

“Our two countries depend on one another, transporting millions back and forth every day in consumer goods, automobiles, fresh produce, and more. Mexico is the United States’ No. 1 trading partner. If President Biden and former President Trump are looking for willing partners in devising policies that will promote security as well as economic competitiveness, we are ready to help.”

Since 1986, the BTA has served as a grassroots, non-profit organization that provides a forum for discussion and advocacy on issues pertaining to border development and quality of life and trade in the Americas. A network of public and private sector representatives from the United States, Mexico and Canada, BTA’s core values include a commitment to improving the quality of life of border communities through trade and commerce. The BTA is online at thebta.org and @borderalliance.

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