The BTA on September 25, 2023 sent this letter to Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy with a warning of how a government shutdown will negatively affect the border.

From the letter:

A government shutdown and the resulting furloughs, reduced staffing levels, and interruptions to services the cross-border trade community depends on risks severe disruptions to the processing of goods – including perishable fresh fruits and vegetables – and substantial economic losses for businesses on both sides of the border. The economic risk is significant, with the daily trade value flowing across our land borders reaching approximately $3 billion, and Mexico currently holding the position as the U.S.’ top trading partner overall and its leading import partner. 

We are also concerned about the effects of a shutdown on Customs and Border Protection, whose Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers would be required to work without pay. For an agency already under severe strain, a shutdown would significantly harm agency morale, recruitment, and retention. Averting a lapse in pay for these professionals should be a priority. 

Full letter here.